Grow your business by making a personal connection with your customers

    After social media’s explosive growth it was rumored that email marketing would slowly fall out of favor with marketers and consumers alike.


    Email is not going anywhere...95% of consumers use email, with more than 90% of them checking their email at least one time a day, and with the growth of mobile, people have discovered that it’s easier than ever to stay on top of their inbox.

    Fact. Once you’ve made a connection with your customer you have the opportunity to nurture that connection through special offers and updates on your services and products.

    Email marketing can also help you convert casual traffic into new customers by giving them the opportunity to find out more about how your services and products can benefit their lives.

    Every second 2 million emails zoom through the web towards their destination...yours should be too.

    An email marketing strategy that is well conceived and well executed will help to build your brand, increase awareness of what you offer and lead to more sales.

    Common ways emails are being used

    • Distribute newsletters, special promotions, coupons, news and special events
    • Thank you emails and special offers for loyal customers
    • Track results of your marketing efforts

    Our email services include

    • Monthly traffic reporting
    • Safe subscribe verification
    • Custom design of email template that is consistent with your brand or website
    • Strategic positioning of your website’s call-to-action button asking people for their email
    • Management of your distribution list

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