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Data Analytics

Establishing and expanding your digital presence in the online space is only one part of the process. The second lies in being able to track and measure your success in order to achieve a healthy ROI. Are you making the most of the plethora of data available to you to facilitate impactful data-driven decisions?

Digital analytics can provide your company with insights at a granular level which can be used to help inform strategy, assess weaknesses, and better position yourself in the market.

Are you interested in learning how many unique visitors landed on your page last week and how they were referred to you? What about learning more on which content on your blog is the most engaging and useful for converting visitors into customers?  

At VisioneerIT, our digital analysts can assist you with revealing a wealth of information about your customers including their behaviors, pain points, interests, and demographics. Digital analysis involves collecting, measuring, assessing and interpreting credible and substantiated qualitative and quantitative data. Being responsive to this revelatory data, means businesses can optimize the user experience across all their digital platforms in order to maximize their marketing ROI, and develop modern content strategies which convert.

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Why Data Analytics?

Did you know that recent research shows that data-driven organizations are “23x more likely to acquire customers”, 6x more likely to retain them and “19x more likely to be profitable”? 63% of organizations surveyed stated that their “use of big data and analytics” was instrumental in “creating a competitive advantage for their business”. Furthermore, when it comes to marketing, data-driven marketing leaders are found to be 9x more likely to gain competitive advantage and profitability.

The question isn’t whether or not you need digital analytics and reporting, it’s what you are going to do with the wealth of information you receive once you have them in place.

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Data collection

During this initial phase, our agency will configure your digital assets so that they are responsive to our digital analytics tools so that we are able to collect all of the necessary quantitative and qualitative data we will need in order to inform future decision making. This may involve the use of additional efforts such as the implementation of heat maps, live chat sessions, and/or user surveys.



During this next phase, we begin analyzing and interpreting the data that has been compiled.  This is the stage where our team extracts actionable insights and uses them to understand the reasons behind any particular patterns or anomalies. This phase also includes segmentation, attribution and competitor analysis. Our team will always aim to use industry benchmarks to contextualize this data.


Report and Present

During this phase, our team of analysts work to condense your data findings into an easily digestible, user-friendly report. This allows you, the client, to gain a clear understanding of the insights and how the information can be used to inform future business decisions. At VisioneerIT, we always go the extra mile to make data presentable for all stakeholders involved, regardless of technical ability or background.





Data collection


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question 1

What will a digital analyst do for me?

At VisioneerIT, our digital marketing analysts are specialized in gathering and extrapolating data with the use of the latest analytical tools. Our team will analyze and interpret your data and compile a plan of action for your business, enabling you to improve your online marketing efforts such as social media ads, website flow, content gaps and press releases.

question 2

How can you tell how many repeat visitors my website receives?

Well, you would be surprised at the level of detail we can extrapolate using the preferred digital analytics programs we favor. At a very basic level, Google Analytics can also provide us with information on a number of metrics such as visitors, unique visitors, and repeat visitors.

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Will you be able to tell me at which point I lose customers on my website?

Using the data gathered, our analysts can inform you of the reasons why users are not converting on your website. We will drill down deep into the data to determine where exactly on your site users regularly drop off, isolating the factors which are likely causing this. You can then optimize the user experience on your website which will facilitate more conversions and ideally, minimize bounce rate and exits.

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