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Web Development & Engineering

So, what exactly is website development? Many people are already well aware of website design, as this encompasses the front-end aesthetics and usability portion of your website. However, website development is just as crucial. Our web developers work with designs and use them as a foundation in order to build fully-functioning, quality, websites from them. Web developers use coding languages such as HTML, PHP, CSS, and JavaScript in order to “bring life” to your website.

At VisioneerIT, we take website development seriously. We work with our clients from every stage of the development process in order to build a site which not only fits their unique needs, but also resonates with their audiences and drives conversions across multiple platforms.

Responsive, appealing, user-friendly, high-quality websites are crucial to success. Our team blends creativity with a sleek, user-friendly approach in order to develop award-winning solutions in-house based on industry best practices. Whether you need a small website for your startup in order to help establish brand awareness, or a complex solution requiring information portals in multiple languages, we are here to help.

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Why Web Development & Engineering?

At the end of the day, solid website development and coding must be able to position your company so that it gains the greatest amount of search engine visibility.

Search engine visibility is key to lead cultivation. As a result, we focus on providing our clients with SEO friendly solutions which enable your customers to find you easily, through whatever means they choose. Furthermore, our responsive websites come with straightforward, user-friendly content management systems which empower your team.

Gone are the days where every minor change has to go through your web development company. A process as such is tedious, time-consuming, and hampers growth and productivity. With our websites, your company has the ability to instantly and easily create new pages and content at the click of a button without dependency on a third-party or the various costs associated with it.

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our process

Defining focus

During this phase, our team works closely with yours in order to define a focus and create measurable goals. We gather information based on a variety of factors such as your brand’s purpose, key message, target audience, unique selling point, and competition.

We then create a technical spec document which outlines all of this information and ensures that all key stakeholders remain in agreement with the specified activities, deliverables, timelines, and KPIs established.


Architecture & wireframes

During this phase, our team works to create your site architecture. This includes developing a sitemap an wireframes for approval.

Our development process considers a number of important factors, including your key pages, hierarchy, and their relationships to each other.

At the end of this phase, our team will walk you through your website’s navigation process in order to ensure the best user experience possible.


Design in mind

During this phase, our team considers various design elements, and copy in order to incorporate it into the development of your website. This helps us when it comes to search engine optimization.

Our designers then create mockups using various tools and share these with your team for review and feedback.



Once feedback and approval has been received, our developers begin writing your website’s framework in order to provide you with a high-quality, custom, interactive solution which meets your needs.



During the testing phase, our developers begin to tweak your website by including features such as forms, third-party integrations, and other functions, all while considering compatibility with various browsers, devices, and platforms.

Your website is then placed on a staging server with a secure link for viewing and testing. This phase of the development process is extremely crucial, because it gives us the opportunity to iron out any potential issues prior to site deployment.



During the deployment phase, your website goes live. Our SEO experts then review your asset in order to ensure that various analytical tools are properly implemented and that search engines are able to effectively crawl your site for indexing purposes.

In the event you happen to have a previous website in place, our team has the ability to link and pre-existing URLs in place to your new website in order to ensure they are properly indexed.


Defining focus

If VisioneerIT has been assigned ongoing maintenance to your site, then our team will continue to work together with yours on a periodic basis in order to monitor site performance, and assess ongoing needs.


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question 1

How long does it take to build a website?

This answer all depends on the complexity of the website that is being requested. Generally speaking, most website projects take anywhere from 4-12 weeks before they are able to enter the testing phase, which lasts around 2 weeks.

question 2

What platforms do you use to create websites?

At VisioneerIT, our team are WordPress development specialists and use this expertise in order to create custom, easy-to-use solutions for clients, regardless of their technical capabilities. Websites which are built from scratch often use Gutenberg and as a result, facilitate easy content management by our clients.

However, at the end of the day, our team is here to assist you with your web development needs regardless of the platform or coding language you choose.

question 3

Can you help update a website that was built by another company?

In most cases, our team is able to update a website which was built by another company. As long as we are able to establish admin access, we are glad to help.

question 4

How can I make sure I am well protected against hacking?

At VisioneerIT, we take security seriously. Our technical experts are able to implement numerous security measures in order to ensure that your website meets industry and GDPR standards. This includes considering various factors such as your website’s theme, plug-ins used, and various certificates which may need to be established and/or maintained