Website Security and Protection

Protect your site from hacks and attacks. Our Web Application Firewall (WAF) and Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) provide the protection required against website threats. Let us preserve your website traffic and rankings while increasing your website performance.

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Why is Website Security Important?

A website security service protects your brand reputation and customers from being exploited. Small blogs and business websites are no exception; hackers will exploit any opportunity to steal traffic, data, and server resources.

‍Taking steps to monitor and defend your website is much easier than dealing with a hacked website. It’s also wise to have an emergency response plan in place before a data breach or compromise happens.We encourage you to research your options and use this guide to choose the best website security solution for you.

What Does Security Software Protect Against?

Website security monitoring software protects your visitors and business from data breaches, attacks, and malware infections. Hackers will abuse compromised websites by injecting SEO spam, drive-by-downloads, defacements, and malicious redirects.

Keep visitors and web content secure by preventing vulnerability exploitation, brute-force (password guessing), and DDoS attacks. In our 2018 Hacked Website Report, we identied some of the most common types of malware and the blocklist authorities that block visitors from visiting compromised websites.

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How We Protect Your Website from Hacking

Virtual Patching and Hardening are two important aspects of website security! If a security patch is released, but you can’t update your site, it becomes an easy target for hackers. We constantly update patches and server rules to protect your site.

SEO Analyze
Machine Learning

Protect your website from emerging security threats. We correlate attack data across our network to better understand malicious behavior and keep your site secure.

SEO Website Audit
Protected Pages

Add another layer of protection to sensitive pages by enabling the Protected Page feature. Add passwords, CAPTCHA, 2FA (via Google Authenticator), or IP whitelisting.

SEO Keyword Research
IP Whitelisting

Whitelisted IP addresses ensure that only your team can access administrative areas of your website. Restrict your admin panels so malicious users don’t gain access.

SEO Reverse Engineering Competitors
Application Profiling

Each site has CMS, server software, and other technologies in its’ stack. We analyze all the traffic to block requests that don’t fit your web application’s profile.

SEO Optimization
Signature Detection

All HTTP/HTTPS web traffic is inspected before reaching your server. With heuristic and signature-based techniques, we block malicious requests and attack patterns.

SEO Link Acquisition
Bad Bot Blocking

When our system detects a malicious bot or hacker tool trying to attack your site, it is blocked automatically. We protect your site from vulnerability exploitation attempts.

SEO Discovery
Geo Blocking

Most website attacks come from only a handful of countries. Block all visitors from the top three attack countries with one click or choose which countries to block.

Website Malware Removal & Protection

Repair and restore a hacked website before it damages your reputation. We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee because we know we can help. You can rely on our dedicated incident response team, state-of-the-art technology, and excellent customer service to cleanup website malware & viruses.

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