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Video Intern

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Video Intern
  • Can work effectively as a team member, participating actively and constructively taking feedback as needed
  • Has direct working experience in the following programs:
  • After Effects (2D Animation and Motion Graphics), Photoshop, Adobe Premier (Video Editing), Illustrator
  • Maya / 3D Animation Skills / Cinema 4D / Adobe Audition / Adobe Flash / Logic / Soundtrack / InDesign
  • Knowledge of video file formats and uploading files online
  • Possess ability to identify and “tell the story” in projects
  • Experience creating/editing scripts/storyboarding
  • Attention to detail
  • Creative/strategic thinker
  • Teamwork oriented
What you'll do
You'll be providing top of the line video footage that are both relevant and appealing to the goal of the project we are working on. You will be using both artistic and intellectual skills to ensure high quality video output.

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