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Email Marketing Checklist

Email Marketing Checklist

Check out our FREE "Email Marketing Checklist" to save time, create better content, and make your marketing efforts work harder for you - grow your business.

Email Marketing Checklist
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Do you want a better email marketing strategy?

All great email marketing campaigns are well thought out and have a plan, but often take a lot of time.

Don’t waste time writing a tedious document when you can spend your time actually making some money!

With our tools, you can shorten the time spent making these campaigns with this all-in-one checklist that will cover all your bases.

SAVE TIME! Check out this tool!

What’s included in our Email Marketing checklist?

  • Campaign goals based on persona pain points and solutions
  • Brand voice reminders, data-backed hot tips, design and content guidelines, an image check and more
  • Versatility- Use it as a one-time campaign checklist or print it, laminate it and hang it by your desk for multiple uses.

Free Email Marketing Checklist