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Local Marketing

Local Marketing

Learn effective ways how to reach and engage your customers with local marketing efforts. Download our FREE Checklist: 5 Exercises to Increase Brand Awareness.

Local Marketing
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Local businesses need to know how to reach their customers at each step of the customer journey. Customers do lots of searching and researching before they make a purchase; a local business must stand out while a customer reviews their business online. The better online presence that a local business has, the better chance they have of winning a prospective customer’s business.

Why should a local business care about the customer journey?

  • Nearly every consumer using search engines to research before purchasing.
    97% of consumers go online to research products or services before purchasing locally (BIA/Kelsey Study)
  • Consumers look online to study a business’s reputation.
    86% of people will hesitate to purchase from a business that has negative online reviews (VisioneerIT)
  • Consumers use online listings to find the physical address/location of a business.
    Google My Business (GMB) listings populate results directly in front of consumers searching for your location.

Use these 5 exercises to ensure your business is taking the right measures to get noticed online!

Local Marketing