What it is

    An intranet is simply an internal website that's only viewable by your employees. It should be a reflection of your company...its vision and its values. It also needs to be scalable to fit your company’s needs at every level.

    Why you need one

    Every company, no matter its size, needs employees who understand where they fit in the organization. A well-designed intranet is a tool that will help your employees excel at their jobs, improve collaboration among team members and encourage employee retention by ensuring that everyone gets a voice.

    An intranet can also improve your marketing efforts, leading to increased sales.


    By providing a centralized location for style guides and other branding information your marketing and sales team can use to present a consistent message to every customer, no matter where they’re at in the buyer’s journey.

    Some examples of what you might have in your company’s intranet include:

    • folders that house your brand’s assets such as white papers, flyers, brochures, e-books, etc.
    • graphic designs, logos, powerpoint designs and images for use in social media and marketing.
    • templates for routine deliverables and internal company information such as pricing.
    • database of customer information and personas used in the marketing and sales departments.
    • forum(s) for internal discussions about campaign ideas, processes, problem-solving strategies, etc.
    • company and/or industry news feed
    • calendar application that can be used both individually and collaboratively
    • a knowledge base of company policies, upcoming (or past) events, news, etc.
    • tips on using proprietary software
    • the ability to request vacation time
    • internal positions that are available
    • benefit information(e.g. retirement, medical, 401K)

    Essentially anything that your employees need to know or learn can be made available on your company's intranet.

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