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10 Ways that your Marketing Campaign can go wrong

10 Ways that your Marketing Campaign can go Wrong

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Paid marketing media campaigns are an effectiveway to stand out from the crowd, among scores upon scores of other online businesses in the same niche as yours. The possibility of ROI is never a guarantee which is why a number of vital considerations must be made to ensure that an online campaign is successful. There are many ways that a paid marketing campaign can go wrong. For instance, a marketing strategy may be flawed or a brand may make promises that it cannot deliver, therefore affecting the impact of an online marketing campaign.

Ways in which your paid advertising campaign can go South

Directing visitors to a home page and not a landing page

Most marketing campaigns are created with the intention of sending consumers to a landing page. The landing page is the particular page on your website, which is used solely for converting customers. Landing pages are where most businesses generate leads that make a profit. If you want your paid marketing campaigns to work, the advertisements should direct people to a landing page and not the home page.

Homepage vs Landing Page

Inadequate investment

For the main campaign to be successful, it is essential for businesses to commit a sufficient budget to the project. If you are unsure about investing a large amount, you can conduct a trial run that can allow you to assess the validity and effectiveness of a paid campaign. An insufficient budget can hold a brand back, therefore pulling away attention from potential customers.

Campaigns that lack an objective

Getting more visitors should not be a goal for any online marketing campaign because a paid campaign can be considered effective it manages to land just one visitor. Your goals should be more specific and spelled out. For instance, a goal of a marketing campaign can be to land 1,000 new visitors in a month. Such progress is easier to assess, which will allow a business to adjust their actions accordingly.

Campaigns that lack an objective

Misunderstood messaging

Some marketing campaigns fail due to a marketer’s lack of understanding of what the client’s message and intent for the campaign is. As a result, a marketer can use inappropriate phrases or sayings, which may offend certain populations from specific regions. This can be detrimental to the company’s image.

Misunderstood messaging in your Marketing Campaigns

Lack of engagement in various channels

It is essential to test and try out different channels and platforms before concentrating on the best ones. For instance, if a marketing campaign used on Facebook proves to be unsuccessful, another platform such as Instagram can be tried out to find the best option for the business.  Other factors that affect the effectiveness of a paid marketing strategy included:

  • Failure to track ROI
  • Failure to test imagery
  • Poor quality of images
  • Lack of proper tactics, which should not be confused with strategy. Tactics for paid online marketing include SEO, PPC or Twitter advertisement.
  • Poor ad optimization
10 Ways that your Marketing Campaign can go Wrong
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