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19 Easy To Use Apps and Tools to Hack Your Way to Killer Video Content

19 Easy To Use Apps and Tools to Hack Your Way to Killer Video Content

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According to recent research, a whopping 60% of both B2B and B2C marketers cited the use of video as key to the success of their marketing strategies. Can we blame them? Of course not! If research has shown us one thing, it’s that consumers love video. In fact, 79% of consumers prefer video as a means for learning more about a brand.

If you’re looking to spread awareness about your business and establish industry authority in your market, then creating engaging video content such as vlogs, tutorials, product demos and presentations are the best ways to achieve your goal in 2019.

But you don’t need to hire a fancy agency or have a background in videography in order to do this. With this list of easy, popular apps and suite tools on the market, you can get started on creating quality and engaging video content tailored perfectly for any platform.

Create killer video Content with Magisto


1. Magisto

Magisto’s award-winning AI and advanced editing tools make it a crowd favorite in the market. Among its many standard video editing features, it also includes a nifty little option for choosing editing styles such as “Fashion”, “Clean” and “Traveler” in order to customize the look of your video to your particular brand image. It also has a built-in music library  and offers upgrades for users interested in gaining access to a wider variety of tools and marketing functions (such as the ability to export directly to Facebook’s ad manager).

Create killer video Content with Youtube's Video Editor


2. YouTube’s Video Editor

Those of you sleeping YouTube’s video editor may want to reconsider. The platform is a great option for those looking for a basic set of video editing tools to quickly manipulate their content prior to uploading it to the platform. It’s simple and easy-to-use interface makes it a great option for those who tend to get overwhelmed by the complex variety of features that are often present in other tools. With YouTube, you can cut, edit, trim and compile videos, and do quick fixes such as adjusting contrast, stabilization and zoom. The platform also offers a variety of filters, a royalty-free audio library and the ability to add text overlays.

Create killer video Content with Unfold


3. Unfold

Unfold is a super popular app you can use to take your Instagram stories to an entirely new level.  The app was originally created by an architect by the name of Alfonso Cobo (who also obtained a design degree from Parsons) and his partner Andy McCune, an entrepreneur with a background in ad tech. Its easy-to-use templates are great for those looking to emulate the clean and modern edge they see on their favorite Instagram influencer’s pages. If you’re looking to nix the outdated scrapbook style in favor of a more aesthetically pleasing, minimalist and curated look, then this app is the best option.

Create killer video Content with Windows Movie Maker


4. Windows Movie Maker

Even though Microsoft dropped the program from their add-ons, Windows Movie Maker still remains personal favorite due to its simple interface and range of basic features to get the job done. Movie Maker has all of your standard editing tools and also includes various animations, multiple transitions, the ability to record narrations and options to add text overlays and audio to your content. If you’re looking for a free and versatile app to create vlogs and tutorials, this one is a perfect option without all of the bells and whistles of other platforms.

Create killer video Content with Videoshop


5. Videoshop

Videoshop is a popular app on the market that gives users the ability to resize, edit and combine photos and videos as well as experiment with different options such as stop motion, slow motion and reversing. Users can add music, sound effects and even voice-over to their video content and the platform also offers a plethora of beautiful filters and themes as well as the ability to add text overlays and animated titles.

Create killer video Content with Hyperlapse


6. Hyperlapse

You know all of those cool time-lapse videos you see on Instagram? Hyperlapse is a popular app created by Instagram which enables users to create beautiful time-lapse videos in seconds that you can easily export to your social media feeds. The app is also known for having some pretty stellar stabilization technology, thus eliminating the need for a pesky tripod and having to shot in ideal ideal conditions in order to get the perfect shot

Create killer video Content with Quik


7. Quik

Quik was brought to us by the makers of GoPro and is an awesome and easy-to-use tool specifically created for the purpose of speeding up the editing process. With this in mind,  Quik provides automatic editing features but also gives users the ability to have greater control over their edits via their manual mode. The tool also offers video templates, overlays, the ability to add text, transitions and even music.

Create killer video Content with Inshot


8. InShot

InShot is an award-winning app with a five-star rating that offers a wide range of features. The tool provides users with all of your standard editing features and also gives you the option to rotate and flip your video content, a feature lacking in many similar apps on the market. You can also adjust the speed of your videos, add beautiful cinematic effects and add emojis, text, voice-over and music to your content. If you’re looking for an all-in-one app and you’re not shy on paying for quality (the app is $2.99), then InShot is a stellar choice.

Create killer video Content with iMovie


9. iMovie

iMovie is easily one of the most popular video editing suites on the market. It’s the Apple alternative to  Movie Maker and we have to say it definitely blows its Windows counterpart out of the water. We’re talking “Hollywood-style trailers” and the ability to create gorgeous  4k movies all on your Macbook or iOS device. With iMovie, you get access to studio-quality titles, high-fidelity cinematic filters, sound effects, music, the ability to do voice-over, picture-in-picture, split-screen and more. It also has an awesome green screen feature. All-in-all, it’s an extremely robust option perfectly tailored to those looking for more advanced features than your average app has to offer.

Create killer video Content with Boomerang


10. Boomerang

When Boomerang got released, quick-burst images compiled together as video began to flood Instagram. It offers compilation features for stitching together content that are so simple your 90-year-old grandmother could use them. It also has built in social sharing options for those looking to quickly upload their content to various platforms. If you’re looking to create quick, fun and trendy video content for Instagram, then this tool is definitely one to have on reserve. The concept is so wonderfully simple that the idea is actually quite brilliant.

Create killer video Content with Pic Play Post


11. Pic Play Post

Pic Play Post is an awesome app with a 4.8-star rating that gives users access to a wide variety of quality video editing tools. You can create slideshows, video collages, include transitions and add everything from GIF stickers to text overlays to your content. You can also create scrolling videos, adjust frame ratios and add watermarks, music and voice-over. Users can create movies as long as 30 minutes and add as many as 365 images, videos, gifs and live photos. It also supports both 1080P and 4K.

Create killer video Content with Legend


12. Legend

Legend stands alone from the rest of the apps on the list in that it is specifically designed to help you create stunning videos using their awesome text animation software. Its success lies in the quality of its offerings in terms of animations and typography. It also gives you a range of background options to include images and video and the ability to choose from a number of filters, enabling you to create trendy, high-quality text animated videos.

Create killer video Content with Horizon


13. Horizon

Horizon is another popular app on our list whose genius lies in its simplicity. This awesome tool enables users to shoot crisp, horizontal video up to 2K in resolution while recording vertically in any situation and has garnered attention from the likes of WIRED, TechCrunch and FastCompany. It also gives users access to real-time filters and the ability to shoot in slow motion at 60 and 120 frames per second.

Create killer video Content with Splice


14. Splice

Splice is a multiple award-winning crowd favorite when it comes to awesome mobile video editing apps that offer solid features. Users gain access to fundamentally essential features such as the ability to trim, crop, edit, duplicate and compile video content. You can also add a range of transitions, animations, cool effects, titles, music and custom audio. Users also have the ability to overlay tracks, a feature that is lacking in many similar tools on the market.

Create killer video Content with Kinemaster


15. Kinemaster

Kinemaster is touted as a high-quality mobile video editing solution geared towards industry professionals yet made with every user in mind. It’s precision editing tools give users the ability to trim at “frame-by-frame granularity” as well as the option to adjust audio “with sub-frame accuracy”. The ability to instantly preview your edits is extremely useful and saves time and the platform also offers multi-layer support and multi-track audio. In addition, you can adjust the speed of your content without distorting audio pitch (awesome!), perform necessary color adjustments and add beautiful color filters to your video. It also supports chroma key compositing – a feature that is all too often left out from many of its competitors’ products.

Create killer video Content with Loopster


16. Loopster

Loopster is a relatively simple, straightforward, free online video editing platform touted as “the easiest online video editor” available. The app, which has been featured on Discovery, The Business Times, QVC and HSN, gives users access to fundamental video editing features as well as the ability to change video speed and add overlays such as text, audio and graphics. In addition, users get real-time voice recording, the ability to add transitions and access to over 600 free sound effects. Their upgraded version provides access to additional storage space, an increased timeline and supports multi-track audio, among other features.

Create killer video Content with Adobe Premier Clip


17. Adobe Premier Clip

Did you know that Adobe Premier Pro also has a free mobile app version of their software? That’s right.Users can gain access to basic video editing tools (very basic) from the professional desktop suite and all without a paid Creative Cloud membership. Those who do have subscriptions will be happy to know that the app can also be synced with their individual Creative Cloud accounts. Users can add titles and effects; however choices are extremely limited and it doesn’t offer multi-layer support. However, it does offer the option to add music and even sync your music so that you can complete edits to the tune selected. It also features  a selection of thirty filters and automatic ducking so audio overlays instantly lower anytime the app detects audio from a clip.

Create killer video Content with Videoleap


18. Videoleap

You may or may not have already seen the various advertisements swimming around your social media feeds for Videoleap. If you have, you’re already well aware of the insanely awesome, high-end editing features the tool has to offer. We’re talking layer-based editing, layer customization options, cinematic transitions and high-end features such as key-frame animations, chroma key compositing, special effects and unique, adjustable filters.  Users also gain access to over 100 sound effects, a variety of fonts for text overlays and options to add emojis, graphics and voice-over narration. This is all in addition to a suite of fundamental editing tools such as the ability to trim, split, mirror, transform and duplicate content.

Create killer video Content with WeVideo


19. WeVideo

WeVideo is an award-winning cloud-based online video software that offers advanced video editing features with a simple and easy-to-use interface.  With WeVideo, you gain access to hundreds of thousands of “licensed and royalty-free video clips, images and music tracks” in addition to premium video editing features. Users can also take advantage of over 600 formats of “audios, images, graphics and videos”.

Additional features include special effects, motion control, screencasting, voice over narration, chroma key compositing, picture-in-picture, motion titles (including premium business motion titles), as well as options for marketing on social media.ConclusionCreating engaging, quality informational video content is a sure-fire way to jumpstart your marketing game in 2019. The tools mentioned in this article are popular, fun, easy to use and can help you create trendy, high-quality, customized video content for any platform you desire.

So, try a few out and let us know what you think!

19 Easy To Use Apps and Tools to Hack Your Way to Killer Video Content
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