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Checklist: Creating the Perfect Social Medial Profile for Selling

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Today, one of the most powerful Sources of marketing is undoubtedly the ‘Social Media’.

If you would like to use Social Media to interact with your prospects, it is important that your social media presence leave a good impression.

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When you connect to people on social media sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook, the visitors to your account will first go through your profile. This helps them know who you are and what you have to offer once they connect to you.

If your visitors like what they see in your profile, they will be willing to connect with you.

Otherwise, move to one of the competing firms. An amazing profile resonates well with the target group members and gives you a position of authority among the competitions.

This makes it easier for you to close deals.

What entails a perfect social media profile?

The Real You

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The authenticity of the profile is the most important part of the image that you would like to display. They would like to see the flaws, quirks, and passions of the organization. Most of the profiles are too plastic to look real. The perfection is not what your prospects are looking for.

They want the real deal.

The method of achieving the authenticity varies from one platform to the other. It does not mean that you will be showing images of your cats in your LinkedIn feeds.

However a little of your personal lives on Twitter and Instagram would do just great.

You are Organized

You are Organized?

Being organic and spreading actively on several social media pages takes time.

However, given that time is limited, you need to be highly time efficient.

Automation tools can help you reach these goals. Even if you cannot automate your entire social media experience to avoid losing your authenticity, a little prior organization is very important.

Keep a calendar of sorts, schedule some posts in advance but remember to respond to tweets and comments actively. Know when to include promotional and non-promotional materials in your content.

To crack social selling, you need to be on top of their minds. You have to be memorable and be able to tap into their emotions. Emotions are assets when used right produces the right actions.

You Inspire

Face-to-face eyes

Strong negative emotions such as anger and fear can drive strong reactions. However, you cannot trust with them and do not want to be associated with them.

To create viral content, evoke the following emotions: curiosity, admiration, uncertainty, interest, astonishment, and amazement among other positives.

Play with the visual perceptions through interactive content to invoke these emotions.

You're Helpful

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People will most likely listen to you once you get their buy in. And the best way to do that is to look for ways to help them first rather than focusing on selling to them. People won’t come to you to be pitched in some selling points- and if your page is full of promotional stuff all the time, you get to be ignored or worst, blocked.

Find time to join groups on LinkedIn and Facebook. Check out Twitter chats.

Your prospects are most likely there and if they see you as someone who gives smart and quick advices, they will at first sight, see whatever it is you are selling as an answer to their problems.

Putting it Together

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Treat every post as an opportunity and an advantage. Be true, build trust and engage with your people. Make ‘Put your audience first’ as your purpose in every post before scheduling it.

Make time and be available to respond to their comments and likes. Make them feel that you care and your sales will increase smoothly.

Checklist: Creating the Perfect Social Medial Profile for Selling
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