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Do you have your marketing metrics in place?

Do you have your marketing metrics in place?

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Marketers that have a lot on their plate often find it difficult to keep track of everything. This can cause certain important things to be overlooked, which can be the death of a business. To ensure that your marketing metrics are in place, it is essential that businesses stay on top of new developments and trends, which will allow the growth of a business to occur.

There are many different ways that a business can grow including injecting more money into it. However, the most profitable way to ensure business development is to take what is already working and grow it organically, using success as the base of everything. To understand what is working, and what is not, metrics must be in place. Here are some important metrics that every business should consider tracking in 2017:

Blog traffic

A large number of B2B marketers use website traffic as a primary metric in determining the success of their content campaigns. The issue with blog traffic though is that it does not supply marketers with actionable insight. The best way to use blog traffic as a metric is when it is used to gauge traffic for specific posts. If you find out that your traffic is addicted to specific kinds of content, you can get an idea of which subjects resonate best with your audience. This allows you to adjust your content to deliver the one that performs best.

Blog Traffic

Click through rates

Every piece of content created should be published with a purpose in mind. The purpose of writing content is to move your audience into a funnel, which is done with effective calls to action. Your CTRs will help you determine the ROI of each post to determine the percentage of converted leads and to help you assess whether your content fits within the funnel.

Social reach

Social sharing is an important metric to consider when calculating your ROI.  Dips in social reach could indicate that your business is in trouble, which can allow you to format your content to make it more interesting for your audience. Look at where you have sharp increases in reach, which will show you the topics that captured your audience and their network of connections.

Social Reach

Time on site

The amount of time that a user spends on a site is also a metric that should be measured. The time spent on an article can be a good indicator of whether people like a post or not.  When people spend time on your site, it can be an indicator that they like your content, which will indicate that you are on the right track.

Time spent on site
Do you have your marketing metrics in place?
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