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Empowering Government Contractors: Navigating Project Collaboration with ClickUp

Empowering Government Contractors: Navigating Project Collaboration with ClickUp

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Government contracting involves agreements between government agencies and private entities to procure goods, services, or construction projects. Successful collaboration is paramount for government contractors, and ClickUp emerges as the ideal project management tool, offering features to streamline cooperation and achieve project objectives.

Understanding ClickUp Permissions

(What are permissions in ClickUp?)

Permissions in project management tools, such as ClickUp, define access rights and restrictions for users within the system. These permissions play a crucial role in ensuring security, privacy, and control over project data.

How Permissions Work in ClickUp

(How do permissions work in ClickUp?)

ClickUp's permissions are applied to items and locations within its hierarchical structure, offering varying levels of access for stakeholders and members of the contracting team.

Guest Access:

You can allow for your stakeholders to have guest permission in your ClickUp workspace. Guest access does not allow for access to spaces but access to specific lists, folders and tasks. Your stakeholders would also have access to dashboards created by your team, docs, goals and goal folders.


  • Full Access: Once given full guest access, stakeholders can perform most functions including: creating tasks and task relationships, delete, duplicate, change and print tasks descriptions, change and set assignees and even comment. They, however, cannot manage custom fields, create milestones or share tasks
  • Edit Only: This allows the guest ability to perform all the above mentioned features except creating tasks or subtasks, converting subtasks to tasks, and deleting tasks
  • View Only: This allows for the ability to view tasks and relationships and copy task links and IDs.


  • Full access: Guests can perform all actions associated with lists except change list settings.  
  • Edit only: Guests will not be able to edit list settings but they can edit tasks and copy link info.   Comment only: Can comment, copy lists info, except edit list settings  
  • View only: Can only view lists, list info and copy links  


  • Full access: Guests can create tasks in folder, copy folder and links but cannot edit folder settings.  
  • Edit only: Guests will not be able to create tasks in folder or edit folder settings  
  • Comment only: Can comment, copy lists info, and change assignees for tasks they are assigned to  
  • View only: Can only view items in the folder, copy lists and add to favourites.  


  • Edit only: Guests can edit the doc and view, as well as share the doc with others. In this case your team can create your contract in docs and share with stakeholders to sign  
  • Comment only: Can view, add, delete or edit their comments but cannot change doc settings  
  • View only: Can only view doc and it's history  


Guests can only view dashboards, edit and comment in the chat view on dashboards.

  1. Member Access: Members within the organization have broader access, allowing them to create spaces, folders, lists, and tasks, access public spaces, share items with guests and other members, and invite guests.
  2. Admin Access: Admins possess elevated permissions, enabling them to edit permissions for everyone in the workspace, manage user roles, billing, and integrations.
  3. Custom Access: ClickUp's Custom Access feature empowers the creation of roles beyond member, admin, and guest, providing tailored access based on specific needs.


ClickUp's versatile permissions structure aligns with its founding vision of being an all-encompassing and productivity-driven app. Businesses globally have harnessed its transformative features, particularly beneficial for government contractors.

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Empowering Government Contractors: Navigating Project Collaboration with ClickUp
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