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How Useful Are Sprints for MSPs

How Useful Are Sprints for MSPs

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In the tech and software industry, Agile project management, particularly the use of sprints, is a common practice. Sprints are time-boxed iterations where cross-functional teams collaborate to complete a predetermined amount of work, facilitating incremental progress on specific tasks. For Managed Service Providers (MSPs), sprints can be a game-changer, and ClickUp's Sprint ClickApp, available on all ClickUp plans, is an excellent tool to implement this methodology. Learn more about ClickUp for MSPs at

Sprint is a ClickApp in ClickUp that is available on ALL ClickUp plans.

Enable Your Sprint ClickApp

When the workspace owners or admins enable this ClickApp, you are prompted to set up your sprints settings which will govern all future sprints created in your workspace. Additionally, you can edit settings for the sprint folders that work well for separate teams.

Edit Sprint Settings

Change your sprint's default settings by changing: Your sprint name, sprint duration, date format, sprint time zone, start day and start time, non-working days, and measure of effort. Your sprints are also made with an automation that marks it as done when the time period is done. You can also create automation for unfinished tasks to be moved to the next sprint and to create more sprints when one has ended. These automations are available on the business plan and above.

Create Your First Sprint

To create your first sprint:

  1. Click on the plus sign next to your space and then click on "sprint folder"
  2. Transform a list into a sprint by clicking on the ellipses and clicking on "convert to sprint"
  3. Create more sprints within your sprint folder by clicking on the plus sign next to your sprint folder. You will be prompted to set the sprint number. This can be whatever you choose.

If you would like an in-depth tutorial on how to create and use sprints, check out our video here: 


ClickUp's comprehensive features make it an indispensable tool for MSPs and businesses globally. VisioneerIT provides expert ClickUp implementation, workshops, training, consultation, and support, helping you maximize the platform's potential.

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How Useful Are Sprints for MSPs
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