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"Website Content 101: Why Ugly Websites Finish Last" young man sticking tongue out at old slow man

Website Content 101: Why Ugly Websites Finish Last

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For any business to survive in the contemporary world, it must have a well-designed website.

A good website content allows businesses to have accessible online information.

Although websites are instrumental for a business’ success, just having any old website is not enough; the content that you post and how attractive your website is are all factors that affect the success of a website.  

The content included on a website must be generated towards engaging and interacting with a consumer.

The truth about ugly websites

38% of all online consumers stop engaging if the content is unattractive. When establishing a business website for the first time, it helps to look around at the new trends in website design in the market.

Characteristics of an ugly website include:

Ugly domains

"Disgust" Green Pixar Character from "Inside Out"

A huge issue with ugly websites is an ugly domain name.  

Consumers find it easier to return to a website if it has a simple or memorable domain name.

 Your domain name should be easy to remember and the design should be seamless and easy to navigate because a consumer’s first impression of a site is often affected by design.

Long loading times

Loading symbol

The internet speed has increased significantly in the past few years.

As such, consumers do not expect to wait anymore, which is why long loading times are detrimental to a modern online business.  

Long loading times tend to annoy customers, and bad experiences often lead to bad reviews, which are the death of any business.

Man sitting on the edge of a building with a skyline behind him

A complicated interface

If your website has too many bells and whistles, it could over complicate the navigation process, making it more difficult for a consumer to access anything.

Websites should be kept nice and simple to allow the content to focus on important issues and points that can be engaging.  

In text garbage often leads to long loading times, which causes people to abandon the website. Your crucial information should be easy to find and access.

Automatic music or audio

"Anger" Red character from Pixar movie "Inside Out"

People often surf the web at work, which is why automatic music or audio videos are often considered annoying and disruptive.

A lot of people’s first instinct is to close a web page that produces automatic sounds, which are typically forced onto someone’s user experience.

Websites that do not scale

More and more people are using their mobile devices to surf the web. As such, website contents that do not scale accordingly are perceived as unfriendly and not interactive.

Your website should bend and twist to fit every screen size, which increases the responsiveness of a site.

A proper website should also have:

  • A call to action button
  • An About Us page
  • A blog
  • An opt in newsletter or subscribe button
Website Content 101: Why Ugly Websites Finish Last
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