Gmail Tricks to Make Your Life Easier (Even Better!)

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    There are a few Gmail tricks that can be used to optimize a business’ emailing, therefore helping to save a lot of time and money which are both precious.  Gmail tricks to consider include:

    Canned responses in Gmail

    Canned responses from Google Labs allow you to insert pre-formatted content into your messages. These responses are predetermined responses to common questions

    To activate canned responses in Gmail:

    1. Click the gear icon in your Gmail tab and select settings
    2. Select the Labs tab
    3. Scroll down to canned messages and enable
    4. To create a new canned message, compose the email as you would for any other, then select the drop down arrow in the bottom right

     Send and archive

    The send and archive setting on Gmail can help to keep your inbox tidy, making you more efficient.

    1. In the General tab of your Gmail settings, scroll to the Send and Archive section
    2. Click the “ show send & archive button in reply”. Now Gmail will automatically archive your email when after it is sent

    Custom keyboard shortcuts

    Custom shortcuts make the navigation process easier.

     Undo Send

    Most people do not know that the undo send button exists. This feature can be enabled in the Gmail general settings and it allows you to unsend something in your preferred cancellation period.

    Become a search expert

    The process of sifting through emails can be tedious but it can be avoided through the search button. Take a look at this amazing resource here

    • Specify the sender
      • Example: from:jeff
    • Messages that match multiple terms
      • Example: from:cara OR from:darla
    • Remove messages from your results
      • Example: jaguar -car

    Use the tasks button

    The Tasks button allows you to create a task to be completed later instead of relying on the unmarked feature to remind you about important emails.

    Auto advance

    This button allows you to move on directly to the next email instead of having to click back to your inbox each time.

     Preview pane

    This pane allows you to keep an eye on your inbox while composing or replying to an email. It can be enabled at the Lab section of the email.

    Drag and drop labels

    Gmail automatically tags any dragged or dropped labels which prevent you from having to add the label all the time.


    Insert photos easily

    You can drag or copy an image to your subject line and your image will show up automatically in the message content.

    Quick unsubscribe

    Most promotional emails have an unsubscribe button embedded next to the sender info to make unsubscribing easy.

     Select multiple messages

    It is easy to select multiple messages by selecting the message first then hitting the select button to choose another. Gmail will highlight all the messages between the first and second selected messages.


    Read emails offline

    Gmail offline can be enabled via the gear icon situated in the top right corner.

    Know who is sharing your email

    You can utilize tags to filter your email, which will award you more efficiency.

    Connect all your emails

    It is possible to connect all your emails to Gmail so that you can access all your emails handily in one location.

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