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Tips for Creating Killer Social Media Quizzes to Spread Awareness, Gain Insight and Generate Leads

10 Tips for Creating Killer Social Media Quizzes

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Now a days it seems that our social media feeds are completely inundated with quizzes. Why? Because people love personalized, interactive and shareable content – and as a business owner, you should too.

According to Kapost, interactive content converts twice as much as passive or static content.

Social media quizzes are great for spreading awareness about your brand, products or services and arealso effective tools for lead generation. Furthermore, they provide businesses with a rich cache ofinformation and insights on their audience when used properly.

If you’re considering integrating social media quizzes into your marketing strategy, then this post willserve as a useful resource by providing you with 10 tips you can use to ensure your efforts are successful.

10 Tips for Using Social Media Quizzes Effectively

Two glass-cupped candles displayed for professional photo. Heading of article reads: If You Were A Bath And Body Works Candle, Which one Would You Be?


1. Define your objective.

The cardinal rule when it comes to creating content in any form is to ensure that it has an explicit purpose. Don’t create a social media quiz just for the sake of staying up-to-date on the latest trends. Use this interactive content as a tool for achieving a specific strategic objective. Is your goal to spread awareness about your brand?

Perhaps it is to educate your audience or gain a greater level of insight into their behaviors, likes/dislikes, lifestyle or personality. Define your objective so you have a roadmap for the creation process.

Socialbakers quiz graphic to find how knowlegable participants are about social media. Marketing marital Arts Monks below text


2. Ensure the type of quiz you create aligns with your goals.

Once you’ve defined your objective, you’re going to want to create a quiz that aligns with your strategic goal. If your goal is to gain insight into the lives and behavioral patterns of your target demographic or find ways to further segment your audience, then you’re going to want to create a personality or lifestyle quiz.On the other hand, if your goal is to generate sales for your collection of handbags, you’re going to want to create a quiz that somehow links your product to your consumer (i.e. “What Does Your Handbag Say About Your Personality?” or “Bet We Can Guess Which Handbag Style Is Your Favorite Based on this Quiz”).

The above example shows how Social bakers was able to reach out to and engage their target demographic of social media practitioners by providing them with a knowledge-based quiz to show off their proficiency in the topic.

Headline: Let's See If We Can Guess your College Major Based On The Dorm You Design - quiz by Ikea


3. Keep your target audience in mind to make it fun and engaging.

When creating your quiz, it’s essential that you keep your target demographic in mind. Consider the tone you’re using, the images, the voice and style of your quiz. Does it appeal to your audience? Stay away from a voice that sounds too sales-y as this can be extremely off-putting. Remember, people take quizzes because they are fun, so making it too sales-y or robotic will just make them want to pass.

Furthermore, consider mixing it up. Buzzfeed uses a combination of multiple choice, questions, picture selection and written responses to keep their quiz content engaging. This is a great tactic you should consider implementing as well.

Buzzfeed - "Pick  top:" with three shirts being modeled below


4. Keep the questions short and simple.

“Pick a top”. It doesn’t get much simpler than that. Buzzfeed is notorious for creating viral quiz content and it’s clear to see why. They’ve absolutely mastered the art of quiz making. Not only is the question short and simple, the graphic used is large, oversized and gets your attention. While you will undoubtedly be using your quiz content as a way to survey your audience, you don’t want it to have the same long, drawn out feel to it that traditional surveys do.

Keep your questions short and simple. Make it easy for your audience. You want them to have fun and be engaged, but most importantly, you want them to finish it.

Playbuzz Quiz - "Are you cool, trendy, or popular?" "Let's start" button at bottom of page


5. Leverage the power of visuals.

People love visual-based content because it’s easier to process and more engaging than text. Include eye-catching visuals in order to draw your audience’s attention to your quiz content. Your main image is especially important as it will be the primary factor that determines whether or not your quiz stands out in the sea of content that is presented in your audience’s news feed.

Choose bold, bright and vivid colors to draw attention to your content. Keep the images interesting, unique or funny. Most importantly,avoid boring, muted or generic stock images at all costs.

MCU's Captain Marvel action shot. Text reads "Which Captain Marvel Bad@$$ Are You?


6. Create a killer headline.

The second most important factor in generating views from the get-go is your headline. Create attention-grabbing headlines that appeal to your audience’s emotions or interests. Keep it fun, upbeat and interesting. Headlines formatted as questions work very well at generating engagement because they directly engage the reader.

Tactics such as including the word “you” also help further personalize the content. Buzzfeed is notorious for using headlines that dare or challenge the viewer to take their quiz or promise a unique, unfathomable or interesting result in order to gain attention. All of these are useful tactics to consider when creating an eye-catching headline.

Quiz challenging users to name 20 elements on the Periodic Table within 6 minutes. Bill Nye at bottom


7. Include social sharing buttons.

According to Buzzsumo, the average quiz gets shared around 2,000 times. That’s pretty impressive. But don't count on being a part of this statistic if you haven’t included social sharing buttons. The entire purpose of creating your quiz is to generate engagement and attract participants and there’s no better way to do this than to encourage sharing on social networks. Don’t stop with including sharing button sin the beginning of the quiz.

Encourage users to share their results with their network as well. Sharing results gives them higher incentive because people are more inclined to take action when the action involves spreading information related to themselves. People are social animals by nature and as result have a voracious desire to feel included, heard and recognized among their peers.

Quiz required participants to enter email address halfway through the process before allowing continuation


8. Use results as opportunity to build your email list.

If one of your main objectives is to beef up your email list, then choosing to withhold quiz results until an email is entered is a great way to get this done. Using a quiz as lead bait is extremely effective because the content is fun, engaging and interactive, which incentivizes the process. This also allows you to circumvent the dreaded ‘hard ask’.When Integrative Healthcare decided to create a quiz on thyroid problems in order to boost business,they were surprised to find that they were able to grow their local email list by a whopping 1,600 people monthly.

Another company by the name of Rejuv Medical looked towards social media quizzes as a way to help build their email list, generate leads and drive down the costs associated with their current lead generation strategies. The implementation of their quiz ultimately led to 947 new leads, 30 consultations and $18,000 in revenue in just a little over a month and a half.

Quiz results over-tree


9. Use the data to segment your audience

Perhaps one of the most popular uses for implementing quizzes is so that businesses can find ways to effectively segment their audiences. There are several approaches you can take to do this and the approach you choose is dependent on your unique situation and preferences. For example, you can segment your audience based on individual answers given or choose instead to segment them based on the overall quiz results. Furthermore, you could choose to segment your audience by using branching logic instead.

Using quizzes as a way to segment your audience is fun, quick and simple. It’s also much more effective than using traditional options such as tedious email surveys as the ‘fun factor’ is a stronger incentive for engagement.

Which pair of elephant pants are you? The Elephant Pants Quiz


10. Don’t forget to include information about your business.

Regardless of the specific goal you’re looking to achieve when it comes to integrating quizzes into your marketing strategy, you’re going to make sure that you include information about your business. This can be as simple as including branded content such as images into your quiz or adding a link to your website, products or services at the end on their test results page.

When Elephant Pants was looking to generate hype on their Kickstarter campaign, they decided to create a quiz titled “What Pair of Elephant Pants Are You” as a way to spread awareness and help direct their audience to their launch page.

The quiz itself was composed of five short questions that ultimately ended in the recommendation of a specific pair of pants to the individual. Furthermore, the company included a link that led back to their Kickstarter campaign on the results page.

By the end of the campaign, the company not only met their initial funding goal, they exceeded it and were able to bring in over $8,500 in order to successfully launch their start-up.


There are numerous benefits that come with integrating social media quizzes into your marketing strategy. Social media quizzes can help businesses boost engagement and conversions, identify pain points in their target demographic, spread awareness about their brand, product or services and generate leads.

The information gained with these interactive forms of content is also extremely valuable and can unlock numerous insights into your target demographic. Plus – people love them! It’s a win-win scenario. So, what are you waiting for?

10 Tips for Creating Killer Social Media Quizzes
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