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Want a Evergreen Career? Choose Digital Marketing

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Based on recent statistics from Ernst & Young, it’s getting harder than ever to balance work and personal life. Globally, 46 percent of managers are working more than 40 hours weekly, and four in 10 managers say their hours have increased over the past five years.

The biggest reported obstacles to achieving work-life balance were stagnant income growth (49 percent) and increasing demands at work (48 percent). Fortunately, some careers, according to Glassdoor, still make finding balance possible.

On Glassdoor’s recent list of the best jobs for work-life balance, marketing positions occupied six of 25 slots. Digital marketing careers are not only in-demand; they could also be the key to having a life outside of work.

Getting Started In Online Marketing

It’s not always easy to find a work-life balance career while earning your degree, but an MBA is a great stepping stone.

A general MBA can you give you a wide range of career options that could lead to a job that allows you to work hard and play hard. You may also consider a concentration in marketing or informatics because it prepares graduates to transition into marketing or aim for marketing management positions.

More than ever, marketing departments integrate traditional advertising with online marketing channels. As social networks, mobile devices, and the Internet of Things open new channels to connect with customers, demand for digital marketing expertise is increasing. Sixty-four percent of recruiters report a shortage of skilled marketing personnel, revealing a waiting skills gap for new MBA graduates.

Additionally, FlexJobs lists marketing one of the top seven fields offering flexible remote work options for employees. According to the Glassdoor study, these six digital marketing positions got the highest marks for work-life balance:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Manager

An SEO manager builds traffic to business websites by leveraging referrals from search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

SEO managers must be comfortable with analytical tools and detailed research. At some companies, they’re also responsible for search engine marketing (SEM) and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.

Social Media Manager

Social media managers develop strategies for a brand’s presence on social channels ranging from Facebook to Snapchat.

They develop marketing campaigns, interact with customers, analyze results, and adjust strategy accordingly. Additionally, many social media managers also partner with customer service departments to respond to customer inquiries on social networks.

Digital Marketing Manager

People working as digital marketing managers develop comprehensive online marketing strategies for companies ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 powerhouses. They develop plans containing a little of everything, including SEO, online advertising, social media, email marketing, mobile marketing, and more.

Marketing Assistant

Marketing assistants support marketing managers, completing a wide range of tasks from writing up campaign reports to arranging events.

This position is a good point of entry into digital marketing, giving candidates exposure to the many skill sets a digital marketing manager must have.

Marketing Analysts

Digital marketing analysts use analytics tools to track the success of all digital marketing efforts. They may also conduct market research and assist other marketing team members with data-driven digital strategy development.

Content Managers

Content managers keep a company’s online channels flush with content, from blogs to downloadable assets to YouTube or Vimeo channels. They often manage teams of writers, graphic designers, photographers, videographers, and editorial assistants, and they develop strategies for amplifying and distributing business content.

Digital Marketing Skills: What Graduates Need to Know

According to research from Fractl and Moz, digital marketing ads list these skills as being most important for incoming candidates:

The incredible groundswell in available marketing data has made it essential for digital marketers to feel comfortable with metrics and analysis.

At the same time, the best digital marketing candidates combine numerical thinking with a unique creative spark.

Digital marketing managers, in addition to a breadth of knowledge about online marketing, also have a knack for managing projects and people. They’re comfortable being accountable for delivering results and ensuring clients get the most for their marketing dollar.

Although they make data-driven decisions, they also develop strategies that capture attention, strengthen brand personality, and build strong emotional connections with customers.

Making the Transition

While applying for MBA programs, people interested in digital marketing should attend conferences, follow industry blogs and influencers, and seek internship opportunities. Also, a strong online presence is essential for digital marketing candidates.

For today’s marketers, Twitter is the new business card.

Republished from S. Olenski in Forbes Magazine

Want a Evergreen Career? Choose Digital Marketing
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