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How to Hashtag: Is Your Business #Trending?

How to Hashtag: Is Your Business #Trending?

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If you are not currently using hashtags, you may be missing out on a platform that can increase your reach and improve crowd engagement. A single hashtag can boost a post engagement by as much as 12.6% and can be the difference between flopped and trending content. It allow bloggers and businesses to organize information, allowing them to stand out from the crowd. They are instrumental today as they offer one of the best ways to engage millennials and young consumers.

The basics of hashtagging

A hashtag turns any group of words into a searchable link. It can be any combination of words, and it does not require punctuation or correct grammar. The best way to make your message easy to read is by capitalizing the beginning of every word such as HashtaggingIsExtremelyImportant. Businesses can use it to their advantage in the following ways:

To reach out to crowds

How to hashtag to reach out to crowds

Hashtags have the capacity to reach potential new clients. They allow you to do this by joining a conversation that is already in progress. If you do not know which is best associated with your business, you can try conducting a search of some of the hashtags used by your competitors. Additionally, it helps to follow other similar businesses in your niche, particularly those that already have a large following. You can try emulating the number of hashtags utilized; active hashtags inspire engaged following.

To keep crowds engaged

How to hashtag to keep crowds engaged

Hashtags are great for businesses because they help to start the conversation with any followers that a business may already have. By creating an original hashtag that is in line with your brand, you can interact with customers online easily. Original hashtags are used popularly for promotions, events, contest, or for general brand awareness.  Ensure that when creating your original hashtag, it is clear, catchy and unique. No one wants to join a conversation that has a boring hashtag.  

Hashtags do not always work

Hashtags do not always work

Although they are a great way to get a brand name out there, they do not always work for all businesses. Various platforms have regulations regarding its use; for instance, Instagram shows posts with a maximum of 9 hashtags while Facebook shows posts with the greatest level of engagement.  Each social media platform is different so it is essential to take the time out to explore the platforms that you intend to use before posting anything. Above all, it should be used to build an online community. Hashtags are a revolutionary tool to make your brand matter; therefore, they should be taken very seriously.

How to Hashtag: Is Your Business #Trending?
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