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Marketing to Millennials

Marketing to Millennials

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Brands all across North America are obsessed with marketing to millennials and for good reason. The number of people born between 1980 and 2000 are beginning to slowly outnumber every other generation, which is why businesses are paying serious attention to the new age contemporary generation of consumers. Millenials were brought up around technology; therefore, they are extremely tech savvy and aware of what to look for when it comes to goods and services.  This awareness of technology has changed consumer behavior greatly and marketing and advertising efforts must accommodate these changes.

What makes millennial consumers different?

They talk

After millennials make a purchase, the likelihood is high that they are going to discuss the purchase online. If your business provides a bad or good experience, people will hear about it online. Peer reviews have become instrumental in affecting consumer behavior because marketing campaigns are often over inflated with untruthful images, and millennials have caught onto that making it easier for your business to be exposed negatively.

Millennials Talking

They trust their peers

A lot of millennial consumers see beyond a marketing budget. Millenial consumers often turn to their peers to find out what they are saying about purchasing decisions and to find out if products are authentic. Millennial consumers are not afraid to share their purchasing experiences online and many of them refer to a company website or blog before making any decisions.

Millennials are engaging

Millennials love to talk about their experiences in their posts, which is extremely engaging. Regardless of what is said about your brand, positive or negative, it is essential to respond and offer an apology whenever needed. If a customer has a positive experience, you should thank them and welcome them again. Online engagement should be authentic and truthful, otherwise, it can backfire.

Millennials do not need fancy ad campaigns

Millennials are not fascinated by advertisement; in fact, millennial consumers do everything they can to avoid them. Millenials are less likely to be wowed by a well-done advertisement and prefer maximum entertainment instead of maximum advertisement. As such, it is important to create engaging and entertaining posts that can encourage brand visibility.

Millennials do not need fancy ad campaigns

Millennials are clearly taking over the world. They have immense buying power, as more and more enter the professional realm. In the next few years, general consumer behavior as most people understand it is bound to change greatly. Businesses must begin to make changes and adapt to the new age reality, which is characterized by marketing to millennials.

Marketing to Millennials
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