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Social Media Reputation Management: How VisioneerIT Can Empower Your Brand

Social Media Reputation Management: How VisioneerIT Can Empower Your Brand

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Pretty much everyone understands the importance of reputation on an individual level. Your reputation is a reflection of your character and thus, a good reputation reflects positively on you as a person, how you are perceived by others and how others interact with you. The same exact principles apply to businesses.

A solid reputation instills trust in the eyes of consumers and trust is the foundation upon which a customer relationship is built. This is especially the case when it comes to your reputation on social media. Now more than ever consumers are looking towards platforms as such to research the brands they are potentially interested in doing business with. Social media is a tool which can be used to help build buzz about your company but the key is ensuring that you're building the right kind of buzz.

Did you know that the average consumer mentions brands 90 times per week? What are they seeing and saying about yours? Do you have a social media reputation management strategy in place? If you do, are you leveraging the right tools to ensure you are successful in your efforts?

If you’re interested in learning more about how you can manage your social media reputation, then you’ve come to the right place. This article will explain the importance of reputation management for brands on social media as well as introduce you to a new service offered by VisioneerIT which can help in your efforts to manage how your brand is perceived on these platforms.

Social Media, A Corporate Reputation Blind Spot for Executives


Why is social media reputation management important?

Believe it or not, your reputation on social media is crucial to your overall brand reputation both on and offline. Why? Because your customers are the key stakeholders when it comes to reputation management. They hold the true power and what they see about your brand ultimately impacts not only how they feel about your brand but what they say about your brand.

Social media has essentially become its own ecosystem and in order to remain impactful in it, you’ll need to keep your eyes and ears opened to how your brand is being perceived. When it comes down to it – everyone talks. Public perception will be formed about your brand whether you decide to have a hand in it or not. By making the decision to manage your company’s online reputation you are effectively empowering your brand by giving yourself the ability to help mold how it is perceived in the eyes of consumers.

It’s not just about your page, how professional it looks, how many followers you have and how many likes your most recent post received. It’s about engagement. It’s about being actively involved. It’s about what is being said about your company and the interactions you foster with your audience. It’s about tackling social media reputation management at a granular level.

This includes everything from monitoring social media for brand mentions to moderating ad campaign comments and coming up with effective and timely responses to your audience when they’re looking for engagement.

But how does a company juggle all of these responsibilities?

There are countless tools and platforms on the market which can assist you in managing your social media – everything from post scheduling to automation. However, if you’re looking to truly be effective a managing your reputation online, you’ll have to approach social media management from the perspective of reputation management as well.

This means taking the steps to set up social listening so that you can effectively monitor brand mentions and feedback in general, as well as activity on all of the ad campaigns that you’re currently running. How your customers respond to your campaigns, what they say about your brand and how they interact with it are of paramount importance. Furthermore, how effectively you respond to negative posts and how timely your responses are in general are crucial to your success.

Things to consider when choosing a platform to assist with social media reputation management


Things to consider when choosing a platform to assist with social media reputation management

Let's face it, the task of managing your social media reputation isn't for the faint at heart. It takes the consistent application of time and energy in order to remain effective and even then, one small misstep and all of your hard work can easily go down the drain.  Something as simple as failing to respond in a timely manner to your audiences can be the difference between success and failure. This is why it’s so important to find a robust service which can provide you with the tools you need to succeed at monitoring your reputation on social media.

When searching for a platform, the most important consideration perhaps is cost. Second to this are the features that the platform offers. You’ll want to ensure that the company you move forward with provides you with the ability to listen to and monitor social media for brand mentions, including unofficial mentions that do not use the “@” symbol or hashtags. These mentions all too often get ignored with many services, however the truth of the matter is that they too provide a treasure trove of information and insight into the minds of your audience and are just as important as official mentions.

You’ll furthermore want to find a platform that can assist you with inbox management. Once all of those mentions and campaign comments get corralled and thrown your way, most of the time you’re left on your own to manually sort through each one and respond accordingly. This is perhaps the most time-consuming process when it comes to managing your reputation online. It’s also very tricky in the sense that it is a difficult task to automate because each response requires a personalized touch in order to be effective.

Finally, you’ll want to identify a service that will be able to additionally help you moderate the feedback that you’re receiving. You’ll want a company that can assist with responding to audience feedback, as well as one that can help you manage inappropriate or harassing feedback effectively. Sometimes, the best answer is a diplomatic response. Other times -- it’s a diplomatic delete. Be sure that the platform you choose gives you the ability to effectively handle harassing or inappropriate comments that can distract others from your brand's value and campaign message.

Ad Comment Management Services

Let’s face it, managing and monitoring social media feedback can quickly become overwhelming to say the least. Often times it requires a full-time team working around the clock in order to effectively keep up with the task.

Fortunately, VisioneerIT can help with this. Our company offers a Social Media Ads Comment Management service that can help you gain control of your social media presence, your brand’s reputation and public perception of your company.

Our Social Media Ads Comment Management service can help empower you during your campaign efforts by offering various features to help automate and optimize the feedback management process.

1. Facebook and Instagram Ad Comment Moderation

Nothing is more important than staying true to your brand’s voice. Perhaps the only thing worse than not responding to your audiences is responding in a generic and robotic manner. At VisioneerIT, we realize this and make it our utmost priority. This is why we work together with you to understand your personal approach and build out various responses that are not only effective at addressing your audience’s questions, but also stay in tune with your company’s values and voice. With our services, we can moderate, comment, and hide or delete posts made by other commenters on all of your ads.

2. Inbox Management

If you have prior experience with managing social media ads, then you’re most likely already well aware of the fact that managing comments in your inbox can be an extremely time-consuming endeavor. This is where we can help. We can help moderate the comments being received with approved replies. If there is ever a situation where  a question is posed that requires your input, we will notify you directly and work together with you to further build out your portfolio of responses.

3. User Bans

If you’ve ever experienced brand attacks or harassment on social media then you fully understand how detrimental these can potentially be to your brand’s message, reputation or public perception of it. VisioneerIT takes harassment on social media very seriously and this is why we work together with you to manage negative, unpleasant or harassing commentary. In the event a user continues to post commentary as such on any of your ads or social media pages, we have the tools available to ban these individuals so that they are no longer able to distract your audiences from what’s truly important – your message.

4. Social Listening

In addition to social media ad comment management, moderation and inbox management, our services also provide you with social listening features so that you can remain proactive and aware of how your brand is being perceived through social media. We collect all public mentions of your brand on both Facebook and Instagram business profiles as well as unofficial mentions on Twitter. Our highly customizable tools also allow for us to set up alerts for certain phrases or keywords which are unique to your brand and mute alerts for those which are irrelevant in order to cut through the clutter. In addition, you’ll gain access to in-depth reports based on the information we have collected.


Did you know that according to 2019 research, 58% of executives believe that online reputation management is important and should be addressed, but only 15% actually make the decision to do so? This is quite an interesting statistic given the fact that 41% of companies who have experienced a "negative reputation event" have reported loss of both brand value and revenue. Don't make the mistake of dragging your feet when it comes to managing your reputation on social media. Stay proactive, stay informed and you'll find yourself a step ahead of the competition in 2019.

Social Media Reputation Management: How VisioneerIT Can Empower Your Brand
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