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Updating Your Small Business Marketing Plans Annually

Have you Updated Your 2017 Small Business Marketing Plans

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Marketing trends are seemingly impossible to keep up with today, which makes it harder for businesses to incorporate them into their marketing strategies and plans particularly on a small budget. This year, instead of concentrating on trying to do it all, businesses should select just a few of the trends to try out. A refreshed strategy may be all your business needs to improve engagement levels, boost impressions and ensure that your marketing plans are a success.  Here are some of the 5 things that should be included in every marketing campaign:

Video marketing tests

Video marketing is one of the fastest ways of boosting your marketing plan to ensure its success and efficiency. A large number of marketers are planning on increasing their mobile ad budgets to accommodate videos. 2017 is a great year to test out your marketing chops to see what elements excite your audiences the most. A variety of video options to try for a range of budgets include social media videos, which include Facebook Live, Snapchat and Instagram Stories, which are all free. Additionally, embedded email videos can increase the click through rate significantly; instead of crafting text emails, you can send a message through video.

Guest posts

Guest posts are a good way for a business to get high quality content at no cost. When done correctly, it is possible for businesses to gain free blog posts from experts in your niche on a regular basis. Guest posts also give you access to quality backlinks that lead visitors back to your website. For proper guest posting, these rules must be followed:

  • Guest blogger links should be high quality and from experts that have domain and traffic authorities.
  • Guest bloggers must be experts in one shape or form.

Regular non sales marketing

It is important to send customers a mix of different emails that are not just sales based.  Too many sales based emails have a tendency to lose customers owing to lost interest.  Non sales marketing emails can consists of:

  • Content based emails which contains a weekly roundup of your posts for the week.
  • Video based emails
  • Discount or coupon advertisement
  • Freebies, which everyone loves in the form of free e-books or white paper resources

A coupon distribution plan

Coupons help to drive new and recurring clients to your website and can increase revenue by 40%.  Customer only deals such as these can increase sale and ensure a ROI.

Drip email campaigns

Drip email campaigns allow you to keep in touch with potential or current customers whether they have newly signed up or purchase a service. Drip email campaigns are perfect for free trial campaigns.

Have you Updated Your 2017 Small Business Marketing Plans
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